Bank loan under a mandate or specific task contract

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Obtaining a bank loan by people working on a mandate contract or a specific task contract is not the simplest case. Although these types of contracts are very popular, they do not inspire trust from banks such as employment contracts. Although the latter does not guarantee that we will work indefinitely somewhere.

Even about a million people in Poland work on the so-called garbage trucks, ie contracts other than an employment contract. This is not necessarily due to the reluctance of the employer who does not want to sign an employment contract with the employee. For example, many journalists, musicians, programmers and architects use contracts for specific work. Because they pay lower taxes thanks to 50% tax deductible costs. Until now, the “garbage” contract was an obstacle to being able to apply for a loan. A small digression – by the way, it’s hard to call it this deal when dealing with creators.


Why a work contract or a mandate contract is a problem for the bank

Why a work contract or a mandate contract is a problem for the bank

In the process of verifying which credit can be granted to a given person, what counts is not only the fact that the income allows it to be repaid, but also whether the income is stable. Such criteria are mainly taken into account for loans for a larger amount. And hence, for longer loan periods – eg mortgage loans.

Meanwhile, people working on the basis of civil law contracts (mandate contract, contract for specific work) show different income. In some months, these incomes can be very high, and in others very low. Due to the fact that these contracts are rather short-term, even in the case of systematically obtained monthly income at a similar level, it is still considered a less stable job. Although, as I have already mentioned, the employment contract does not guarantee stable employment at all, unless we are talking about a full-time job in an office. Even in the latter case, there is no full guarantee that the work will continue. Every now and then a number of officials find out after each local government election.

The next criterion is the cost of obtaining income. The most favorable in this light are contracts for specific work with 50% of tax deductible costs, which gives a low income in PIT, and thus also low income tax. Unfortunately, low income significantly reduces the available loan amount.

Therefore, a person employed on a contract other than work, in principle, there is nothing to dream of a larger loan. If there is a couple in the bank, in which one of the parties has an employment contract and the other a civil law contract is better. Which doesn’t mean it’s pretty good.


You don’t have an employment contract – avoid these banks

work loan

Happypocket Bank has the most radical approach. He does not grant, for example, mortgage loans based on civil law contracts. Anyway, the credit policy of this bank is not lenient and not only for those working on such a contract.

There are situations in which, for example, a marriage applies for a mortgage. The husband works on a contract of employment and the spouse performs a contract for specific work with 50% tax deductible costs. How will the bank calculate its creditworthiness? It will only take into account the earnings from the employment contract. But the cost of living (of course) will be taken into account for the whole family. Effect? Credit refusal.

Of which, for example, Pekao would offer three times less credit for our marriage than if both spouses had an employment contract.


Documents required for a loan application under a civil law contract

credit loan

Obtaining a loan with these types of contracts, unfortunately, requires much more documentation about your income. For example, in the form of contracts, bills or account statements, which are affected by the remuneration, for the period from the last 6 to 12 months. Sometimes the bank also requires you to provide a PIT or income certificate issued by your employer.


A consolidation bank loan based on a mandate contract

money loan

Contrary to appearances, it is possible. Maybe not entirely banking, because offered by SKOK. but with the same level of security for the borrower. In this case, a work or order contract will not be an obstacle to consolidating your debts. 

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